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Things to consider while purchasing refurbished macbook and imac

Important Things to Consider If You Want to Purchase a Refurbished MacBook or iMac 

When purchasing a product or gadget that costs a lot of money, you will probably have a checklist of things to consider before you buy. Well, the same goes when shopping for refurbished Apple products. Whether you're buying refurbished iMacs or MacBooks there are things to check for before you buy, and we have covered everything you need to know.  

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  • Check the age – If you spot an Apple product you want and it is a great price you should check the age before you click buy. Whether it is a MacBook Air refurbished or an iPhone there will come a day when they are obsolete. This means that Apple no longer supports that model, so you won’t be able to install updates, etc. This usually happens around the six-year mark so, keep that in mind.  
  • Double-check the listing – If you are buying online, make sure you double-check the listing and description. You don’t want to buy used accidentally. Look for listings that say something like “MacBook refurbished” not “MacBook used”.  
  • Test everything – Whether you are buying refurbished online or in-store you should always check everything. Check in-store if you can or as soon as it arrives if bought online. You should test the keyboard on a document. Then move on to any USB ports, the webcam, speakers, and make sure you connect your earphones too. 
  • Check Display – This step is important whether you are buying an iMac refurbished or a MacBook. You should always check for damaged pixels which will show up as spots on the display. One or two may not be an issue for you but, a group of them will be. 
  • Check the health of the product – Next, you should move on to the battery life, hard drive, and you should do a hardware test. The battery cycle count usually lasts for a maximum of 1000 so, you should aim for a lower number. The lower the better. You should check the hardware by running a diagnostics test. The hard drive check-up will look for any issues with the hard drive. If there are red messages once the test is complete, that indicates a problem.
  • Check your seller – When a product is described as Apple refurbished in the UK, you need to check the seller. Before you part with any cash, know who you are buying from to avoid scams. Check customer reviews, look for other refurbished products they sell. Be aware when buying from people and not companies as some of these refurbishments are not up to the standard required and not what you are paying for. There are many reputable sellers such as Apple Bite 2nd Bite that offer refurbished tech that is up to Apple’s high standards.  

 Those are the most important things that you need to know when buying refurbished tech. The main thing is checking your seller and whether you buy in-store or online, make sure you check everything yourself! If you’re looking for refurbished Apple products in the UK, go to our website Apple Bite 2nd Bite.  Whether you are looking for a MacBook Pro refurbished, refurbished iMacs, or other models like the Air, we have you covered.  

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Buying a Refurbished Mac 10 Things You Need to Know

10 Things You Should Know Before You Purchase a Refurbished iMac UK 

Whether you think the cost is worth it or not, you can’t deny that buying Apple technology costs a lot of money. Purchasing products like an iMac is out of the question for most because they cannot afford it. If price is an issue for you, you can get the best of both worlds by buying refurbished. 

By choosing a refurbished model, you can get the tech you have always wanted without a huge price tag. There are some things to consider to ensure that you get the best-refurbished iMac the UK has to offer, and we are going to cover those today.  

  • Should you buy refurbished or used? 

Used and refurbished are very different. A used model is sold by the person who owns it. There can be imperfections and more. Refurbished are as good as new. The product will be clean inside and out.  

You have to make sure that you choose a seller who sells and specializes in refurbishment. Every refurbished model should have Apple certification.  

  • How much money can you save? 

The age of the iMac and the condition will affect the price and your savings. With that said, older models will save you money, it can be up to 60%. For a newer iMac refurbished in the UK, the lowest is usually around 10%.  

  • You have limited options 

You can be limited by what models are available. Newer iMac models will be harder to find, but the older ones won’t be such a problem. Remember that you will have to be quick because other people are looking for the same deals as you.  

  • Consider Condition 

As a refurbished model is not new, you should expect some imperfections. Stores usually have a rating system so you can see if the iMac you want is good, excellent, like new, etc.  

  • Cleaned in and out 

Every refurbished product gets cleaned inside and out. Any dust and dirt are removed from fans, drivers, under keyboards, etc. All storage and user accounts will also be wiped so when you turn on your device, it is like new. 

  • Refurbished models are tested 

Each refurbished product will be tested to ensure that it reaches Apple’s high standard. All software etc. will be also tested to ensure that everything works as if it was new.  

  • Get a warranty

Avoid any seller who does not give you a warranty. Yes, you are buying refurbished and not new, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t get a warranty. Sometimes it can be around 90 days, but you can find extended warranties. 

  • Check terms and conditions 

Some credit card providers provide additional warranties on purchases you make with that card. However, you should check the terms and conditions because sometimes refurbished products are excluded. 

So, is buying refurbished a good idea? 

Refurbished models can make expensive products like an iMac affordable and reachable for many. You can save cash, and you get the high-end piece of tech that you want.  

 If you are thinking about buying an iMac refurbished in the UK then make sure you check out our website Apple Bite 2nd Bite. We have lots of different options for you at affordable prices.  

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Is it good to buy a Refurbished MacBook

Is It a Good Idea to Buy a Refurbished MacBook or Should You Buy New?

If you want to replace your current laptop, you may be thinking about buying a MacBook. However, these pieces of tech do come with a hefty price tag so many people start to look at other options such as refurbished models. But the question is, is it really a good idea to buy a refurbished Apple MacBook? Well, today that is exactly what we will be looking at, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

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What are the advantages of refurbished models?

There are so many benefits when buying refurbished, and it’s not just about saving cash. Let’s take a look at what refurbished models can offer you.

  • Savings – The amount of money you could save by buying refurbished is one of the top reasons why shoppers choose this route. You will save different amounts of cash depending on the model. Some shoppers can get up to 80% knocked off the price tag. Generally, you can save hundreds of pounds. 
  • Sustainable – We are now more concerned about sustainability than ever before. If the environment and waste are a concern for you then you need to know that refurbished models are more sustainable. Instead of going into the rubbish, a refurbished model is given new life. You are essentially recycling the shell to have new software so it works like new. 
  • Quality is like new – Whether you buy a refurbished iMac, MacBook, or any other Apple product, the quality will be like new. This is what makes pre-owned and refurbished different. Pre-owned is sold as a second-hand piece while refurbished models are fixed up by professionals to run like new. 
  • You get a warranty – Most refurbished sellers provide you with a warranty so your purchase is protected like it would be if it was new. 

What are the disadvantages?

There is always another side to look at. So, here are some disadvantages that you may come across. Some of the cons on the list can be avoided if you shop savvily so that is something to consider. 

  • Scams – The risk of coming across a scam is a possibility when buying refurbished. You can protect yourself more by buying from a store, not a seller. Don’t hand over cash, and try to use a card or PayPal for payment. If buying from a seller make sure you check the machine over before purchase. 
  • Not the latest model – This can be a disadvantage if you are into the latest tech. As the model will be refurbished, it won’t be the latest version. So, if you want the brand-new MacBook, this may not be the route for you. 

As you can see there are benefits and there are some issues too. Overall, if you are not too bothered about having the latest tech and you want to save some cash, then refurbished models may be the best option for you. At Apple Bite 2nd Bite, we offer refurbished iMacs and other Apple products. With free shipping, free returns, and a 100% money-back guarantee Apple Bite 2nd Bite is the perfect place to find an Apple MacBook refurbished. Take a look at what Apple products we have to offer. 

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Best Refurbished Macbook to buy

Best Refurbished MacBook to Buy 

If you want to buy a MacBook then you have to be prepared to pay quite a high price. However, if you want to save some cash, then consider buying refurbished. Refurbished MacBooks are different from pre-owned because when a model is refurbished it has been fixed up to look and run like new. It may have been pre-owned before, returned to a store, or it could have been on display, but any problems have been fixed, previous users are wiped, and the software is new. Whereas pre-owned is exactly that, it has been used before, and the condition is used.  

There are many advantages to buying refurbished. You will have a machine that runs like a new one, you will save some cash, you will be protected by a warranty, and more. The models that seem to be the most popular are the MacBook Pro or the Air. But now the question is what are the best refurbished MacBooks to buy? Let’s take a look. 

MacBook Air Refurbished 

The MacBook Air is affordable and if you need a more basic machine that works well it will be perfect. If it has Apple’s M1 chip, it will be a lot faster, and the performance will be improved. The MacBook is thin and very lightweight too. A MacBook Air does not have a Touch Bar and it instead has function keys. The display brightness is generally better than other laptop brands because it is up to 400 nits. In terms of battery life, the Air usually lasts between 12 and 13 hours which is up to a few hours more than the Pro. With that said, if battery life is important then this could be a dealbreaker for you. Overall, if you are looking for a reliable laptop to stream online movies, and other media, for shopping and light work, then the Air is for you. 

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MacBook Pro Refurbished 

The MacBook Pro has a Touch Bar, and it allows you to control apps and more in a faster and more customized way. This is one of the brightest laptops because it goes up to 500 nits, which is 100 nits better than the Air. The battery life of a Pro lasts around 10 hours which is a couple of hours less than the Air, but this usually isn’t a problem as charging is available most of the time. If you need a laptop for work, with a higher quality display, the Pro is perfect.  

iMac Refurbished 

If you are looking for a more permanent piece of tech for a desk or office area, then an iMac may be better. These have higher webcam quality, but the Pro and Air can offer similar benefits with added portability.  

At Apple Bite 2nd Bite, we have a range of refurbished MacBook Air, Pro, and iMacs. You can save hundreds of pounds on all models, and we offer free shipping, free returns, a 100% money-back guarantee, and our team offers 24/7 online support. Have a look at our website today, we are trusted sellers of Apple refurbished in the UK, and we have lots of different MacBooks and iMacs to offer.  

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Buying a refurbished MacBook What you need to know

Things You Should Know When Buying a Refurbished MacBook 

MacBooks have continued to rise in popularity, and now they are in high demand. However, with great performance, and a brand name like Apple, MacBooks have expensive price tags. This may cause you to believe that a MacBook is out of your price range, but we are here to tell you that there are other options, and one you should consider is buying a MacBook refurbished.  

macbook refurbishedA refurbished MacBook is pre-owned, but it has been restored, cleaned, and tested to run and look like new. Most of the time these MacBooks have been returned or were on display in-store. Every time a MacBook is refurbished, it will be restored to a high standard, but because it is not completely brand new, it means the price is reduced. You can save hundreds buying this way, but you won’t face the same issues that can crop up when buying second-hand.  

Where can you buy refurbished MacBooks? 

There are different options when it comes to where you can buy a MacBook refurbished. You can buy directly from the Apple Refurbished store, or you can buy from a seller who restores them to Apple’s standards. Amazon is also a popular place to find these MacBooks, but you have to be mindful that these are third-party sellers, and they may not be Apple Certified which can mean that the refurbishment won’t be up to the standard it should be. 

You will find many online stores that sell refurbished MacBooks and Apple Bite 2nd Bite is one of them. We are a trusted seller of refurbished Apple products. We offer free shipping, free returns, 100% money-back guarantee, and we are here to support you 24/7. Our refurbished products are always restored to the highest standard, and we are a brand that customers can trust, this is why we are top-rated.  

Which MacBook should you buy? 

The model you buy depends on your needs. We have found that the most popular are either the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro. Both are portable, have high-quality displays, run efficiently, and can be used for work and fun. There are some minor differences such as the Touch Bar but it all depends on you. Don’t be put off by the older models, as their software is re-installed before you buy, so they do run efficiently. If you are not bothered by having the newest tech then this is definitely a great way to save money. Overall, we would recommend the Air to users who want to stream, play games, etc, and the Pro to those who work on their laptops a lot.  

MacBook Refurbishment at Apple Bite 2nd Bite 

We have different versions of MacBooks available on our website, including the Pro and Air. So, if you have decided on which model you would like and that you would like to try a MacBook refurbished then take a look. Even if you still are not convinced, still have a look as we think the savings that we offer may just change your mind. 

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What Apple Certified Refurbished Means

If you’re thinking of buying an Apple product such as a MacBook and you’ve been shopping around then you will come across as new, used, or refurbished. Refurbished Apple MacBook and iMac have soared in demand because you can pick up a product that is fixed up so it is like new and you don’t have to pay full price. When looking at refurbished models you will see some products labeled Apple Certified. But what is Apple Certified and why is it important?

used macbook proApple Certified

Any Apple product can be Apple Certified so that includes iPhones, MacBooks, Watches, and more. It even includes the Apple pencil. When a refurbished product has this label then it shows that it has been through Apple’s refurbishing testing process. So, the quality and functionality of the product have been tested and certified, ready for selling. 

Any product with this seal of approval will come with a one-year warranty so you can have the product repaired if needed and if the item is faulty then you can receive a replacement. You are even covered if you are not happy with the quality of the item. 

When the item arrives, it will be inside a box with the Apple Certified Refurbished logo on it and it will include all the documents you need such as the instruction manual. Apple has its own refurbished store with certified items but there are sellers around the UK that also have certified products that meet the same standard because they have been through the same process. 

For example, if you bought an Apple MacBook refurbished then it will have been tested and shipped to you like new. You won’t even notice the difference between the model you will receive and a new one. 

How does this help you?

Shoppers have concerns when buying a high-value product refurbished. Usually, buyers will be worried about the quality and where the product came from. However, you know that when an item is Apple Certified then you are getting a product that has been fixed up and tested to the highest standard. So, you get an Apple product that is like new, but you didn’t pay full price so it is affordable. It just gives you peace of mind that you are buying quality even though it is not new.

Where can you buy Apple Refurbished in the UK?

When buying certified refurbishments, you have two options. You can buy Apple Certified from Apple, or you can buy certified refurbishments from other sellers. Only Apple sells Apple Certified but other sellers with certified items offer the same high-quality refurbishments.

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 Apple Bite 2nd Bite

 At Apple Bite 2nd Bite, we have a range of products that have been refurbished by technicians to the same high standard as Apple and that is why we are a top-rated eBay seller and why we are loved by customers. If you are looking for an iMac or MacBook refurbished then can you some cash with us. We offer 24/7 support, free delivery, free returns, and a money-back guarantee. With Apple Bite 2nd Bite, you can shop with confidence. 

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Are Apple Refurbished macbooks worth buying for you

Are Refurbished MacBooks Worth Buying?

Are you thinking about buying a new Apple MacBook? Well, before you spend a lot of cash on a brand-new model have you thought about buying a refurb? A refurbished Apple MacBook is used but it has been completely fixed up so it is like new. This is a booming industry but a lot of potential buyers still have concerns. Today we are going to look at whether refurbished MacBooks are worth buying. 

Most Common Worries About Refurbishment

Before we can see if refurbishment is worth it, you may be worrying about the history of the MacBook, what condition will it be in, will you get a warranty, is it too good to be true?  These are all some of the most common concerns that people have. The good news? By shopping carefully, you can bag yourself a bargain while feeling confident that all these have been addressed. 

refurbished apple macbookWhat Does Refurbishment Mean?

Buyers must understand that a refurbished model is not the same as buying a used one. A refurbished model has been taken back to the store or it was used for display and fixed up so it is like new. Any issues will be fixed and parts will be replaced if needed. Apple has a refurbished store and there are many Apple Certified sellers across the country. 

But What Does Apple Certified Mean? 

When a seller and their products are Apple Certified it means that any refurbishment completed by them meets the standards of Apple. Each product is tested and any issues will be fixed and after that, the product will be cleaned and sanitized. After tests and cleaning it will be given new instruction manuals, cables, etc and it will be packed in the box. It will then be inspected and given the Apple packaging and seal of approval if it meets the standards. 

What Will You Receive?

Once you have found a seller and have bought the MacBook you will receive the product in an Apple Box and once opened it will look like a brand-new MacBook inside. Most people wouldn’t even know the difference between refurbished and new. Your MacBook will be restored to a new working condition. It will have gone through rigorous testing with any issues fixed. The operating system will have been re-installed so it is like a brand-new MacBook launch. In terms of looks, the machine should look new but any defects should be made clear before you buy. 


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 So, Is It Worth Buying an Apple MacBook Refurbished?

If we go back to the original question of, is it worth buying refurbished? Well, the answer is yes. You can save a lot of cash by going down this route and you will get a machine that is like new. As long as you buy safely from a seller with Apple Certified products and who offers a warranty then you are good to go. If you are not bothered about having the latest brand-new model then get a bargain with refurbishment. At Apple Bite 2nd Bite, we are one of the best Apple UK refurbished sellers and we have refurbished MacBooks available. Take a look and see what MacBooks we have to offer. 


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Facts You Should Know Before Buying Apple Refurbished Macbook

Things You Should Know Before Buying A Refurbished Apple MacBook

If you have been searching for an Apple MacBook then you will know that these come with a large price tag. If you need to save some cash but want a MacBook then you should consider buying refurbished. Before you buy a refurbished Apple MacBook, you should read these questions and answers so you know exactly what to look for and what to buy. 

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1. What does refurbished mean?

It is important to note before we get into this that refurbished and used products are different. When an Apple product such as a MacBook is refurbished, it means that the device has been restored to a new and fully working condition. It may have surface marks because it has been used by a person and returned to store or for display but the tech inside is like new. Any internal problems and cosmetic issues that affect the running of the machine will be fixed. It will always say refurbished on the listing and the packaging. A used device is simply that, it is used and being resold so it can have issues internally and externally. 

2. When a MacBook is refurbished will it run like a new machine?

Yes, when an Apple MacBook is refurbished, it will work like a brand-new machine. Issues have been fixed and parts that needed replacing will have been. For example, if the battery is not holding charge Apple will replace it, if the screen is cracked it will be replaced, etc. It is just like buying a new piece of tech.

3. Are refurbished MacBooks tested?

All refurbished MacBooks will be tested. Everything from the hardware, software, and parts will be checked. Once the product passes all tests, it will then be sold as a refurbished piece. 

4. Will the operating system be installed?

If you buy a refurbished Apple MacBook then you will receive a clean and new copy of Mac OS X or macOS depending on the model.  All the software will be ready to use as if you have just bought it new from a store.

5. Will the MacBook be cleaned? 

It may put you off to know that someone has used the MacBook before you or that it has been used for display in-store. However, you should know that each device is thoroughly cleaned. The screen, keys, and more will be cleaned and dusted to a new standard. 

6. Will it come with a warranty? 

Most sellers of refurbished MacBooks will include a warranty. If they don’t then you should find a seller that does. Whether it is refurbished or new you still need to protect yourself and your money. 

7. Is the price difference worth buying refurbished?

 Yes! You can save a lot of money when buying refurbished compared to when buying a MacBook new. There are a lot of bargains to be found, and some people have saved up to a maximum of 80%. 

 At Apple Bite 2nd Bite, we are one of the top sellers of Apple refurbished in the UK. We offer refurbished MacBooks with a money-back guarantee, warranty, free shipping, and 24/7 support. See what we have available and save yourself some cash! 

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Which is the Best MacBook Version to Buy in 2021?

Every version of the Apple MacBook is recommended because there is a model to suit everyone. With that said the different features mean that certain models are better for different things so we are going to discuss what is the best MacBook for you to buy in 2021. 

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What is the best MacBook for general use?

If you are looking for an all-rounder that has a design you recognize, a long battery life, and high speed and performance then the MacBook Air with an M1 chip is perfect. Whereas if you need a device that can work on programs for hours without overheating then the MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3 is your best bet. It has a classic cooling system and it runs very fast. With that said even without the M1 chip or Thunderbolt 3, MacBooks work well you just won’t get the same durability and performance.

You have probably heard of the MacBook Pro that is 16-inches. This was king but the other models are now faster than this one. Even though it is not as fast as the others it still does have a modern look with great speakers and the battery life is known to be good so it will last a long time. 

After all that has been said, it would seem that a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air with the new M1 chip is the best. It is worth noting that Apple may release the 16- and 14-inch MacBook Pro with the Thunderbolt 3 ports so if you can wait then it may be worth doing so.  

Which Apple Mac PC is best for you?

It is all down to your personal preference but the MacBook Pro seems to be the one to pick. It has a great performance and it is durable. If you need a longer battery life then the Pro is for you. 

You should also know though that the Pro has a better performance but the Air can be cheaper and it is very quiet due to the fact it doesn’t have a fan. The MacBook Pro is one of the best devices on the market and it has a lot of power in that one small case. It is worth noting that you can now use your favorite apps and play games on your MacBook because apps on the iPhone and iPad are now available. The Pro model also has the same design that you have seen Apple use for years so it is easy to use. 

There are pros and cons for every model so just think about what you want and need and use this guide accordingly. The important thing to remember is that all MacBooks are reliable and have a high performance. 

 Buying used MacBooks

 At Apple Bite 2nd Bite, we have used Apple Mac pc for sale. These have been tested and tried so you can buy with confidence. We are a trusted store and we are the place to go if you want a used MacBook Pro that gives a perfect performance while saving you some cash. 

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What to Look For When Buying a Used Macbook Pro

Tips for Buying a Used MacBook Pro

Want to buy a MacBook Pro? Then why not consider a used model? You can buy used MacBooks that include tech support and a warranty and you can save cash too. Here is what you should look for when buying a used MacBook Pro.

used macbook pro

  1. Look for any damage – Start by checking for any damage on the body of the laptop. Light scratches are just caused by use but big dents can be a sign of other issues. Check the hinges because if the lid falls by itself, there is a problem with these. You should also check for loose screws and a bent screen. Surface damage can allow you to ask for a lower price.
  2. Turn it on – Make sure that the MacBook is actually working and that it boots up successfully.  
  3. Check the screen – When the screen is on you should check for pixel damage. You can use the dead pixels checker and this will show up anything to be concerned about. Most people are ok if there are a few spots but if larger groups of pixels are damaged then you should move on and buy a different one.
  4. Check the age – You should know the age of used MacBooks. This makes sure you are paying a good price and that the owner is telling the truth about it being like new or a little older. You can do this by checking the About This Mac section or you can use the serial number and enter it into the coverage check webpage. 
  5. Check the keyboard – You should check that the keyboard is smooth when typed on and that it types what it should. Always try caps lock too. There is also a keyboard viewer and it will display every key pressed so you can make sure they all work. 
  6. Try the optical drive and all ports – The optical drive is where you insert discs so make sure that is working. Also, check the USB ports and the headphone jack. You should bring a disc, headphones, and a USB when trying a MacBook Pro. 
  7. Test the hardware – Run an Apple Hardware Test. This will look for issues with the hardware, memory, or logic board. 
  8. Run diagnostics – The Apple Diagnostics will check for issues with the graphics, RAM, and more.
  9. Test the webcam – Go on either the Photo Booth or Facetime app. If it is working then you will see your face. If there is an issue it will say there is no connected camera. 
  10. Check the battery – Make sure that the battery lasts as long as it should. You can check the battery in the Health Information section. Also check the cycle count, the lower the count the better the battery. Most batteries should last between 300 and 1000 cycles.

If you are looking for a refurbished MacBook Pro then head to our website. At Apple Bite 2nd Bite, we have a range of MacBook Pro models and we are a top-rated store. 

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