20 things you need to know used laptops from uk

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20 things you need to know used laptops from uk

Need to buy a laptop? Why not consider buying a used one? You can make a big saving and get a fully functional laptop that caters to your needs. Here are 20 things that you need to know when buying used laptops from the UK.

used laptops from uk

  1. Make sure you are protected – Buy off trusted websites and try to pay with PayPal as that offers protection too. Never just transfer money. 
  2. Compare prices – Check the price of the model you want both new and used. This allows you to make sure that you are getting a good deal.
  3. Look for any damage to the laptop – You should look for any damage to the body of the laptop. Check the hinges too. Surface marks are nothing to be concerned about but large dents could be.
  4. Have a look at the screen – Look for scratches or cracks. When the screen is on look for discoloration and flickering.
  5. Turn it on and listen – If there are weird noises such as grinding then this could mean the hard drive is on the way out. 
  6. Try the trackpad and keyboard – You need to check for missing or sticky keys. Always try the mouse or trackpad too. 
  7. Check speakers and webcams – If these are not working you may want to choose another laptop. 
  8. Try the CD drive and ports – Check all USB ports, headphone jack, etc. 
  9. Use the laptop – If you can try to use the laptop for around 20-30 minutes just to check that it runs smoothly. 
  10. Check the battery – By using it you can also see the battery life. You should also go to battery settings to see the battery’s health. 
  11. Ask how old it is – Checks the age of the computer if it is about half a decade old, it may be better to choose a newer model.
  12. Ask how long they have had it – If you can ask the owner if they owned it from new. If they bought it used then there could be problems with it that they didn’t even know about.
  13. Have a look at the RAM – You should aim for 4GB otherwise the laptop can be slow.
  14. Is any software already installed? – Have a look at what software is included as some programs require payment and subscription. 
  15. If buying off a person face to face is best – Meet in a safe place. You need to see and try the laptop before payment.
  16. Be aware – Scams happen often so protect yourself when buying used laptops from the UK by doing things like using PayPal or by buying from a store.
  17. Check software – Make sure software is genuine and ask for product keys.
  18. Try the wireless connectivity – Make sure that the laptop can connect to the Wi-Fi
  19. Check the Performance Monitor – If the CPU is running high in the Performance Monitor, then it can be a sign of a virus. 
  20. See what version of Windows is installed – You should buy a device with Windows 10. A lower version will need upgrading and this can cost you. 

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