Apple MAC vs PC Which Is Better

Apple MAC vs PC Which Is Better

Apple MAC vs PC which is better?

Thinking about getting a new computer? If so, one of the questions you have probably asked yourself is “Apple MAC or PC?”. You must research the answer to this difficult question as one may offer you something that the other doesn’t and to help you out, we have created a short guide.

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Where to start

Before you begin you should think about what you need the computer to do. Do you need office tools or do you take part in lots of video calls? Maybe you use the device for entertainment so need one better for gaming and streaming. These are things to consider while researching both.

Type of Device

Next, think about what type of device you would like such as a tablet, desktop, or laptop. A PC offers you the choice of port types, screen size, touchscreen options, and more. Apple can be more limited on this score. Some features also need separate accessories from Apple. However, Apple does cover most types of devices so this shouldn’t be a problem. 

Prices of Apple MAC and PC

Obviously, price is one of the main considerations. Apple MAC is known to be expensive however, Apple products are more accessible now than they have ever been. Depending on your requirements both can be expensive but you have choices. You can buy brand new, second-hand, or refurbished. These options make MAC devices much easier to get a hold of. Sometimes you may have to pay for extras with Apple. You can also make more money when selling a MAC once you are finished with it.

Features for Security

Both offer security features but MAC offers users more safety because Malware and virus risks are reduced on Apple devices. With that said PC users feel safe using their security features too.

When Issues Occur

Apple is known for its customer service. There are people available online, by phone and they have many stores across the globe waiting to help. It can be harder to receive instant support on a PC. 

Windows on MAC

It is important to note that Windows can be run on a MAC so you can have a sleek and secure device with the same features as a PC. With this, you can have both in one device. 


While the graphics on a MAC are excellent it is known that a PC is better for those who play lots of games. A PC has better hardware for games so it seems that in this round PC has won. 

Overall, both have pros and cons and the Apple MAC vs PC debate will never go one way as everyone has their own preferences. Apple has a sleek design while PC offers more choice. Customer service is more accessible with Apple and a MAC is worth more when selling. While gaming is better on PC. It is all down to your preference. If you do decide on Apple MAC then Apple Bite 2nd Bite has lots of refurbished models available. 

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